the mamas and papas

In the fall of 1965, I was the chairman of the Associated Student Body’s (ASB) Social Affairs Committee of the University of Mississippi. As such i was responsible for booking concerts and bands for University concerts and dances. I got off to a very rocky start. Some of it was my being a rookie. I booked The Seekers, as part of an American tour for the fall of 1965 which never made. They were riding high with several current hits and were my road to a good start for the 65-66 season.

Of course, being as inexperienced as i was, I let a William Morris agent, who i had a lot of confidence in, talk me into an even more adventurous move. he was going to make it up to me because the Seekers tour never made. He offered The Highwaymen as a fall substitute and a group that no one had ever heard of for a two-hour show for $2,500 for a May 1966 concert. i agreed to it and signed the contract.

by the end of 1965, the wm agent was calling saying what a mistake he had made offering a 2-hour show that this group’s first album was being released in early 1966 and they were going to be huge. their first release “Go Where You Want To Go” was big but never got into the top 10.

Ole Miss Associated Student Body concerts series in the school year 1965-66

Fall of 1965

The Highwaymen

The Righteous Brothers

Spring of 1966

Johnny Mathis

The Byrds

The Mamas and the Papas